Google CEO Sundar Pichai is Apple's latest high-profile supporter in its FBI encryption battle


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What if apple caves. this mean any country could ask to unlock things legally. any country, friendly or unfriendly the company would be forced to doing it. abc country will steal xyz country's phone gain access to their systems and steal all their secrets or put it back and eavesdrop indefinitely. it solves one problem, creates security risks, damages apple's products and all other product on the market. and people will still make and share the tech and software defeating the purpose of unlocking it. by the way apple phones are consider a secure platform by many companies and government agencies.


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They can't though. They can't break into the phone any more than the FBI can, and they refuse to make software that will. If the FBI wants a backdoor into that phone, they'll either have to make it themselves, or walk over to their buddies in the NSA. I'm sure they've got a backdoor for it.
I'm not convinced. Apple designed and made that device, they ought to know how to get around the security. In fact I'm sure they do, they're just not saying...

I feel the same as you Skid!

I get annoyed because I have 17 locked iphone 6's at work that I cannot gain access to because the users that left our company didn't provide the correct pin code or didn't provide it at all and left on bad terms... I take the device to apple and request them to be unlocked and they basically laugh at me even if I provide the purchase receipt for the device...

Call applecare support, with Proof or purchase they will unlock the device from the icloud account it is linked to. Done it for about 30 devices so far :)

I second that, we have had to do it at my work due to the exact same situation. They just unlink the iCloud account and wipe the data off the phone. The problem only comes when you don't have proof of purchase.


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Some of the members seem to forget what privacy is or what the Constitution was created to do, especially the Bill of Rights. Specifically, I refer to rights, which are constantly being eroded, but seem only as impediments to governments that want more power all the time. Rights are not granted, but are intrinsic to being human and only recognized and somewhat codified by the Bill of Rights. If you allow "back doors" into private information, then what of the 4th Amendment? Why would any government entity ever need a warrant to examine your every thought? If you grant the Federal Government the "right" to intrude into your private documents at any whim then, without the formality of a Constitutional Convention which would express the "will of the people", you destroy the protections that make up the essence of the United States. The founders of this country recognized the need to protect such rights because they went through a series of intrusions carried out by what was then the largest military force on the planet. Terrorism is nothing new. We, in our time, are not the first to witness it. Constitutional protections were put in place specifically to prevent such intrusions are we are tempted to allow today. The Bill of Rights Amendments are constantly under attack. The 2nd amendment has indeed been infringed, the 4th crippled, and others like the 1st and 5th all but eliminated in many instances, all without the benefit of Constitutional Convention but instead by somewhat dodgy decisions of judges who seemingly have never read the Federalist Papers which were the explanations by the founders of what their thoughts were about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when they were written. If you think the Constitution is a "living document" which should change with the winds of various opinions in various times, I would caution you that it was written to protect you from the very Government the founders feared could evolve over time. I applaud those who resist such changes. Those who do not are placing their trust in entities which have, from the dawn of government, been found to be untrustworthy. This is, at least in the United States, supposed to be a Government of, by, and for the People. It is not intended to be a government with power concentrated in a group of oligarchs who are not immediately responsible to the governed.


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Lets make a universal key for all cars and give them to police so they can get into thieves cars. in theory its fine until one day thieves find a key, copy it and steal everyones stuff. would you buy a car anyone could get into? on that note would you buy a phone that one day guaranteed a thief will find the universal key?

The problem with this analogy is that cars are not 100% secure, tow truck drivers can get into your cars without a key, let alone the cops, hell even Taxis can get you in to most cars. And finally at the end of the day you can just break a window, takes 1 second and 10 seconds later you're gone with the laptop left on the seat. :p

So your question, "Would you buy a car anyone could get into?" is probably the worst question ever, simply because we all drive cars that anyone can get into, well anyone with a rock or glass breaker like on the pen I carry everyday. The same surely cannot be said about mobile phones, try taking a rock to one of these and well you should know the outcome.


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You want security, safety and crime prevention ? Just do two o three things.

1. Ban burner phones.
2. Remove caller ID hiding feature.
3. Require full and I mean FULL user ID verification before allowing mobile phone connection.

I would say 99% problems solved.