Google contest asks what you would do if you had Project Glass

Shawn Knight

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Nearly a year ago Google revealed Project Glass, an augmented reality visor that’s had the tech community buzzing and the competition scrambling to build copycat devices ever since. The search giant opened pre-orders for Google I/O attendees back in June...

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I would shoot absurd amounts of street photography, but unfortunately I'm not in the US.


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I'd show it to my friends and family, play with it for three days, then probably put it back in the box and keep it on a shelf after the novelty wore off.


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So they don't know what to do with it either? As cool as this seems, I don't think it has any real world application.


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I would build an app capable of taking billboards, and replacing them with things you are trying to remember (or cat pictures). :D


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Reminds me of that movie Strange Days. I guess people will be trafficking in "clips" now, thanks to Google.


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I would be watched and monitored 24/7 by rf signals.
and the FEDS

Add another one for George Orwell

and no I wouldn't go skydiving with a 1500$ pair of glasses on my face


I dunno, it seems like a furthering of the narcissism we currently see with iDevices, social media, and reality insulation due to self-focus. This takes it one step further where you can show off anything you've done to everyone in the world at any time. Glass-based tweets are next, I'm sure: 5 second videos of people eating toast, driving to work, and taking a dump.