Google contributed $80 billion to US economy in 2011

By Shawn Knight · 4 replies
Jul 2, 2012
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  1. Google's VP of Americas Sales Margo Georgiadis has authored a post on the company's official blog that reinforces the idea that the Internet is where business is done and jobs are created. To back up this claim, Google provided $80……

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  2. Kayden

    Kayden TS Rookie

    The number I want to see along side this is how much they got back in tax incentives, with out it we can not accurately gauge how much they actually contributed to the US Economy. Why wasn't this included Techspot?
  3. "The post highlights the fact that 97 percent of Americans use Internet search to find local goods and services both on computers and mobile devices."

    I find that hard to believe, especially considering that's more than the amount of Americans that have Internet access or computers. I checked the pages linked to from here and couldn't see that statistic listed anywhere either.
  4. Nevermind, I overlooked it in the second link. Still seems like a very dubious claim to me.
  5. Im glad to hear this because I am just getting started in internet marketing!

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