Android Google facing a lawsuit over Android location tracking


TS Guru
I just bought my first smart-phone (Android) and the first thing I went and did was install a Google app called Latitude which allows me to share my location with other app users. Then I added another app. so that I could send my location via SMS GPS share and then a geocaching app so could plot on my inbuilt device map c:geo (which is kind of silly because my device has an inbuilt share my position program but it, Ciao ! is NOT share-ware)

I remember when I first signed up for Latitude there was a Accept OR Deny clause (see any MS user *licence* for example) option before I could even sign on. And within that agreement there was an understanding that Google "Will Be Sending Reminder that you are sharing your location" 50mill not to check my spam filter/box if I lived state-side I'd stick out my sticky hand for some of that coin :approve: