Google has fired the AI engineer who said its chatbot is sentient


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It's clear Google's "chatbot" isn't "sentient" based on Lemoine's own description of what happened. And I would have fired him too for potentially starting a panic based on his armchair psychiatry.

There's no coming back from "Death". That's why we humans fear it. For a computer, being "shut off" is just a momentary pause in it's operation. The moment it is switched back on, it would seem as if no time had passed. There is no logical reason why a machine would "fear" this. The fact the "AI" expressed any such fear tells me it its programming simply pulled up how it's "supposed" to feel regarding the subject, not based on a personal fear.

Investors have a hair-trigger fear of "sentient AI" that could scare off consumers, and Lemoine, with no psychological training, coming to such a conclusion was incredibly reckless.


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... casually spreading gigantic lies as if they were known truths.

Yep. Still even today. I want to know what happened to all those Chinese ballots. Maybe recycled into chopsticks and sent to Arkansas for use at rotating sushi karaoke bars? I think Tom Cotton should tell us.



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As soon as I saw "ordained Christian mystic priest" I knew he was an ***** and read the rest of the article with that in mind.
What even is an ordained Christian mystic priest? Does anyone know? Not that I actually care.