Google Maps' new Driving Mode already knows where you want to go

Gabe Carey

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Google's amendment to our daily traveling routines may down in history as one of the most important novelties of all time. But, as with many technological advancements throughout time, there's still work to be done, and Google Maps is no exception.

Now that the company has come pretty close to perfecting the accuracy of its dedicated GPS system successor, Google is taking its world domination efforts a step further with a predictive navigation feature appropriately dubbed 'Driving Mode.' This comes in version 9.19 of the software, which also sees the return of a front-and-center audio toggle icon and a more thorough 'Timeline settings' to replace the 'Manage location settings' menu.

By tapping into your frequently accessed destinations and search history, as well as your home and work locations if you've taken it upon yourself to add them to your queue already, Driving Mode lets Google Maps predetermine where you're going to end up so that you can get information about traffic and road closures before experiencing them first-hand. That way, you see about avoiding any interruptions on your daily move to work, school, or wherever else the road takes you.

It's a nifty gesture and just the type of questionably invasive output we'd expect from Google post-2015. Of course, as we all know, this is yet another means of data collection from our corporate overlords, or if you're willing to set aside your tinfoil hats and have a little momentary fun, it's also a convenient way to get to work on time in the heap of a busy city.

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Of course, as we all know, this is yet another means of data collection from our corporate overlords
*gasp* another data collection scheme?!!! Those evil corporate overlords, shame on you! How dare you remember my home location so I don't have to program it in every time I get in my car. And then you let me know the traffic on the way without me even digging out my phone and looking at the exact same map like I used to do every single day?! What's next, downloading my email automatically while I sleep and sorting out the spam?
There, I had the standard reaction so now we can get back to realty and say, 'cool idea!' I'd love to know the traffic on the way to work without having to manually look it up everyday.
Is this available now?

(shhh... don't tell anyone that Google Now already does this and it's already on your Android phone)
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