Google moves forward with plans to build 18-acre, 595,000-square-foot campus in Mountain...

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Google has received what will likely be the final wave of approvals needed to create a signature campus in the company’s hometown of Mountain View, California.

Dubbed Charleston East, the facility will take shape at 2000 N. Shoreline Blvd. on an 18-acre plot of land. The campus will be unique in that it’ll be the first that Google has built itself; all of its other buildings were purchased from previous owners.

The bottom floor of the 595,000-square-foot building will be open to the public and feature restaurants, cafes, shops, art installations and other attractions. An open plaza at the southeast corner of the facility that’ll be serviced by food trucks will be used for public events like live music and tech exhibits, Mountain View Voice reports.

Google real estate director John Igoe said the project was the opportunity to make the location more open to the community. As such, they made an effort to make sure the site is welcoming to the public.

The search giant first unveiled plans for its new campus in early 2015; planning for the project dates back nearly 10 years.

On-site preparations have already begun for construction, the publication notes, with Google officials interested in moving forward quickly with grading and laying the foundation. Assuming cooperative weather conditions, the project could be complete before the calendar rolls over to 2020.

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I know it's just an example but please, please fire whoever did this photoshopping for Google! lol Seriously though, it's terrible.


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I know it's just an example but please, please fire whoever did this photoshopping for Google! lol Seriously though, it's terrible.
Sad fact: this is the photoshopping style that architects and designers prefer. I can't really explain why they like it - though I suspect so that it is obvious that it is an 'artist rendering' and would never be mistaken for an actual photograph, and so that the building and not the poorly-scaled people are the focus.


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Yeah, by building a multi million dollar structure, it's an ideal way to blow your vast fortune, save on paying taxes and make your biggest competitors latest, opulent, luxury premises look like a squatter camp. Way to go Google. There's nothing wrong with beating your chests and getting a bit of one upmanship over them.


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It's Google. The lizards prefer the California sun as do their pre-melanoma acolytes.

If Google was going to do something impressive and wanted to change the world, they would colonize Kansas or Louisiana with this campus. Imagine the effects of this many 'open thinkers' and their professors and especially their money, someplace outside the drought-flood-drought state.

Alas, even Louisiana has winter weather and no lizard wants bumps on their scales.

oh, and Skid, Google will not even notice if they spend 500 million on this campus. The construction costs are amortized and the staff and students subsidized by federal money. That's aside from 500megabucks is a month's income when stored in Ireland.