Google not loading..

By God Of Mana
Jun 11, 2011
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  1. Hey guys, I'm back :p
    Just for a quick question though.

    Since last night I have been having issues accessing certain websites, which I know cannot be down.

    For example, I tried and
    Both connections could not be made, this error came up:
    It is happening with a few other websites, and my network connection has been moving slower than usual. It is not a malware/ virus infection, scanned will MWB, and nothing came up.

    I tried pinging google in cmd, and all 'Request timed out'.

    I tried pinging google in the modem control center, and got this:
    (Timed out)

    I checked my hosts file, and it included nothing out of the ordinary.

    Other information:
    Modem Type: Wireless Broadband
    Modem Model: WiMax "WIXM-173"

    Would really appreciate some help with this.
    Thanks guys. :)

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