Google search links hijacked; logs attached

By martonic
Jan 18, 2009
  1. Hi! And thanks for this board!

    On my wife's computer, the results of a google search are correct captions, but incorrect urls (and really obscure links).

    This is a Dell Windows XP Home SP 3, Pentium Celeron 2.53 Ghz, 1G Ram computer with the disk and hardware in good condition.

    I followed all eight steps of the Preliminary Removal Instructions, and more, as follows.

    1) Mcaffee Security Center (up-to-date) complete scan - nothing found.
    2) CyberDefender Virus and Spyware scans - nothing found.
    3) F-secure Blacklight rootkit detection and removal - nothing found.
    4) CCleaner (twice) - various cookies and registry entries were removed the first time only.
    5) Anti-malware full scan and removal - log attached.
    6) SuperAntiSpyware (updated) complete scan and removal - log attached.
    7) Rebooted computer
    8) Problem remains.
    9) Hijack This - log attached.

    Three logs are attached - mbam, superantispyware, and HJT.

    Any help with this nasty problem will be gratefully appreciated! Thank you!
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