Google threatens to shut Australian search instead of paying news sites for links


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Google should just make their services (search engine linking) a paid service in AU and just send them a bill for every time they helped link a customer to a news article. The rate is equal to the bill. lol


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What is not being mentioned here, rather conspicuously is, that almost every country Google demands the right to show the ENTIRETY of any content they mine from a non-gated sight. In other words, if they can scrape it they want the right to treat it as their own content where you only see THEIR ads. They did this for years in the US until a consortium of media companies forced them to either pay up or stop showing articles. They did the latter in almost every case - Google just provides links to news sites now. Google gives almost nothing back to actual content creators. But hey, you know what's nice? Duckduckgo exists, so Google can eat it. Besides, who wants to use a search engine that censors anything it doesn't agree with AND forwards your personal into to the government so you can be put on a watch list??
While I don't disagree with your comment, your solution is not a satisfactory one. I have DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. I also use Ecosia and Startpage. None of them return search results like Google. There is a claim that Startpage returns the same Google search results. I have yet to find it true. My experience is it returns the same results as DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. DuckDuckGo supposedly search 400+ sites. If those sites have what one is searching for, fine, but if they don't your are SOoL unless you revert back to Google. All too often, I have had to copy the search criteria from the those other's search boxes (all returning nothing - 0 - zilch) and paste it into the Google search box and get of ton of hits (not counting the duplicated hit).

Another issue I have and I don't know if it has been corrected (or expanded), the degree of specifying how/what and where to search is far more extensive than the other search engines (like Google has a "Copyright" on "Logic" (snark intended). Google provides a much more intensive ability to construct your search. The ability to do so is lacking on those other sites. Ironically, when I had searched in the past, attempting to find the various ways I could construct a search on those other sites I kept coming up empty. However, when I put the criteria into the Google search box, I would find what I was looking for - how to specify searches for the other search engines. Go figure!

While I will still use one of those three first, I do end up using Google as my last resort, which is too often.