Google unveils YouTube Music Key subscription service, launching in beta next week

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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YouTube has finally unveiled its long-rumored subscription-based music service. YouTube Music Key will offer high-quality streaming of ad-free music and videos, background play and offline listening. In typical Google fashion, the announcement is a bit confusing but here's what we...

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TS Evangelist
Sounds good. Google Key + adblock plus = bargain. Only thing is I'm not interested in watching music videos anymore. They were cool when I was a kid but not anymore.


TS Evangelist
Yeah I saw that. What I'm saying is that it is nice for a lot of people and kudos to them although I'm really not interested in it, but hey, Google doesn't cater to me alone, if they did they'd have less money than me and nobody would have heard about them. :D
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