Google updated Gmail allowing strangers to send you messages, here's how to disable it

Justin Kahn

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Yesterday, Google introduced a feature to Gmail some might not be too happy about. By default, anyone with a Google+ account can now send an email to your Gmail account whether they have your address or not. As long as...

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Hmm.. I wonder how I would be able to tell if messages were sent to me from this new feature or if they're just the usual spam. I'm going to leave it turned on to see if I get anything.


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Thanks for this it's disabled again. I wish they would stop messing around with privacy setting also. Face Book does this too. I set to friends only it flips back to everyone.


Hoooooooooooooo... thats why.... ive been receiving more spam than usual..
many thanks google!!! (hope you have a horrible death)
Why did almost every major network just write this same hit piece on google scaring users away from it (bing anyone?) in the exact same way: by LYING about how this feature works and implying 'anyone' can get your personal info and email you anything they want. Why?

Just how did this happen?


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The Internet as we know it has truly entered a parallel Bizarro universe. Can it be that Hotmail is now cooler than Gmail?