Google's Autocomplete may violate individual rights, says Japan court


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A Tokyo court has issued a provisional order requesting Google to remove specific search terms from its "Autocomplete" feature. This request follows a petition launched by an unnamed Japanese man.…

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Searching for my name produces results that don't relate to me (or do, but I was acquitted). Now it is the search engine's fault for any failings in my career or personal life?

How does anyone get off making this accusation? And ruining his reputation/causing complications in other areas of his life? Is he trying online dating and worried that a potential partner will search his name and get bad results?


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His wife probably typed in re...aly good ways to lose weight, and auto complete chose redtube. :)


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I'm guessing this is what a lot of Japanese people are using Google for.

If anytime you type in a name, it adds "criminal record" after the name, just because it is a popular search query, then that speaks more about Japanese society than Google.

If as fimbles said, if anytime someone types in "re" and it autocompletes to redtube (Google's anti porn stance aside) its not cause Google is dirty, its just redtube is the most entered search term that begins with "re".


Last weekend my 5 years old nephew wanted to know "How to make plasticine" (in spanish: como hacer plastilina), and when he was on the "how to..." (Como hacer...) part the search suggested "Como hacer el amor" (How to make love), so maybe Google really needs to polish its Autocomplete after all, or are Latin americans just searching for sex facts?, maybe.


I guess It's because I'm American but, why would you blindly believe this crap an just assume It could only be this guy.
When with a little effort they can easily determine It's not him, I'm not even going to pretend I understand Japanese culture but, couldn't he just Legally change his first name If It's become such a crushing burden to him??


The issue is that employers often receive 1000s of applications for every vacancy. They tend to search google for the person's name to dig up any dirt on them on social networking sites, etc - to save themselves time. Pretending this doesn't happen is simply naive...

In my opinion they have a case - and I'd go as far as to say that the feature is an invasion of privacy and should be removed altogether.


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Perhaps he really does need to change his name. It seems the problem isnt really Googles fault. Its a search engine. Going after Google in a civil case, because currently its not a criminal case, feels more like sour grapes that Google is linking two seperate ppl who share the same name. Its a tenious case at best. More of a tounge in cheek media bite, then anything relevant. Its just showing a flaw in Googles product.