Google's privacy policy cornered by European Commission and Congress

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Feb 3, 2012
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  1. Continuing the story we posted earlier this week, the European Commission has asked Google to hold off on rolling out their new privacy policy. The EC is assigning French data…

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  2. EU against this? didn't they just pass ACTA that totally nullifies privacy??
    same goes for US and the attempt at controlling the internet.
  3. Amazing they chose a French regulator to look into this seeing as the European headquarters of Google is in Ireland and so are their servers... Fishy!
  4. MrAnderson

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    But of course it would. I say, as long as Google does not give the advitisers direct access to our information. They should be able to do just about anything with the data they can mine and direct to use as long as it is ethical and does not cause use physical or socail harm. As in storing private information in such a way and beyond the original format that provides human readable signals.

    These are free services, they even provide us with some controls to determine how the information is used to some degree. Can not say the same for most other services. Facebook which is totally not even that german because they only do one thing really... is just getting their privacy settings into step... google has had these for years... I say missdirection... something else is going on... keep your eyes and ears open people.
  5. Google says "You don’t need to log in to use many of our services, including Search, Maps and YouTube." I would add that Google News is now virtually useless unless you can "personalise" (the "default" content sucks) which means you have to log in and risk all the privacy leaks.

    From what I can tell, "personalisation" requires third party cookies ;={ as I have (on one machine) all Google cookies "allowed", yet Google via Firefox tells me to "turn on cookies."


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