Google's rumored "Pixel Pass" subscription may offer yearly phone upgrades


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Rumor mill: Google may not have much else to reveal at its upcoming Pixel event, given all the leaks and rumors around its highly anticipated phones. The latest rumor suggests the company will launch the devices alongside a 'Pixel Pass' subscription that combines hardware and software benefits for Pixel owners. For a monthly fee, subscribers will be put on a 'regular' phone upgrade path and given access to Google One, YouTube Premium, Play Pass and Google's Fi network. Pixel Pass, which also unlocks extended device warranty, could initially be available to US customers only.

'Pixel Pass' might soon add to the dizzying amount of subscriptions out there, this time bringing all of Google's services to owners of the upcoming Pixel 6. Google appears to have poured a lot of effort into its next flagship phone, including a custom SoC, completely overhauled Android experience, and a major redesign of the phone that certainly differentiates itself from the competition.

While the Pixel experience shines in some places and remains lackluster in others, Google is looking to address the concern with 'Pixel Pass' in an effort to keep users tied to its platform by bundling several of its hardware and software services in one package.

According to M. Brandon Lee from This is Tech Today, Google's subscription combines Apple's iPhone-like upgrade plan to keep them on the latest Pixel while giving them access to key first-party services, including Google One, Play Pass and YouTube Premium.

Subscribers will also get network coverage from Google Fi, though getting a carrier-unlocked phone via the Google Store is also rumored to be an option. Moreover, an extended device warranty that comes with Pixel Pass will likely bring peace of mind to owners, should the hardware pack any build quality surprises this time around.

The tweets from M. Brandon Lee also reveal color options and propositions for the regular Pixel 6 and its Pro variant. The former is apparently a 'great value' device, rumored to cost $849, while Google's first 'pro-level' phone is expected to make the jump into four figures and cost $1,099.

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Posts: 1,012   +1,847 a time where companies are complaining about their inability to manufacture new stuff due to "high demand" or "lack of rare materials" or "shipping constraints" or "covid <insert issue here>", Google may be offering a yearly upgrade as part of this package?

That sounds f'ing stupid.
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Why would you need an extended warranty when you would get a new phone every year?
In case a Pixel Pass user wants to stick to their current device or the latest model doesn't excite them as much


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Phones models don't typically get that more powerful year after year. It's incremental at best if at all. For instance, if you stuck with the Qualcomm 600 series chip class mid-range, it still hasn't been upgraded to the new 7nm node, and the range hasn't been upgraded since 2019.