Google's upcoming phones reportedly called the Pixel and Pixel XL


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Earlier this week we reported on a rumor suggesting Google will no longer use 'Nexus' branding for their handsets. A new software experience will take Google's upcoming HTC-made smartphones, codenamed 'Sailfish' and 'Marlin', beyond simple stock Android showcases, which is reportedly why Google felt the 'Nexus' brand is no longer appropriate.

When this rumor first began circulating, it immediately raised questions as to what Google will call their new phones if they won't be branded 'Nexus'. A new report from Android Police seems to have the answer: Pixel, and Pixel XL, corresponding to the 5.0-inch Sailfish and 5.5-inch Marlin respectively.

Google has already been using the Pixel brand for their premium hardware. The Chromebook Pixel and Chromebook Pixel 2 are both flagship Chrome OS laptops featuring beautiful metal designs, while the Pixel C (seen above) is a high-end and powerful stock Android tablet. The Pixel and Pixel XL phones may not have the most attractive designs, judging by leaked renders, but they'll slot into this line-up well.

While the Pixel and Pixel XL will be manufactured by HTC, neither phone will feature HTC branding, and it's unlikely we'll see aggressive Google branding either. The current line-up of Pixel devices use very subdued branding with few (if any) company logos, so we can expect the same for these upcoming phones.

Now that we know the name, specifications and design of Google's upcoming handsets, the only information we're missing is a launch date and price. Considering just how many leaks we've seen in the past month, surely it shouldn't be too long before Google unveils what they've been working on.

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This is still kind of disappointing. I used to fix phones and I can tell you I absolutely loathed HTC phones for their design philosophy in general. Their phones have some of the worst repairability scores (see I guess I'll stick with my good old Nexus 5, maybe upgrade to a Nexus 5x if it goes down in price before the new phones come out? Or switch over to One Plus? I really, really prefer the 'pure' android experience though.