Got New Master Hard Drive Old Slave Won't Work

By m5fromns
May 30, 2006
  1. Today my master hard drive bit the dust. It was a 15 GB Maxtor Hard drive. I have a 160 GB Western Digital Slave that was on the same IDE cable as the master. When I set up a new 40 GB drive to be the master and attached it to the IDE cable the bios and device manager read them both it but when I go to My Computer the slave drive is not there to access. I tried right clicking on My Computer and clicked on manage and then clicked on 'Disk Management' and it shows up there but will not allow me to add a drive letter. It says I need to add a partition. I don't know what to do but the files I have on that drive are very important. I have been trying all day to get it to work. If you can help that will be more then great. I am running Windows XP home edition. Thanks.
  2. Rik

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    If you set the jumpers on the back of both hdd's to cable select (cs) then make sure that the 40gig is on the end plug that my help.
    Also check that they show up correctly in your bios. Your mobo manual will tell you how to do that.
    Are both drives formatted in ntfs?
  3. tdeg

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