got OEM winXP but don't want the crap 3rd party progs it installs...

By truflip
Apr 10, 2006
  1. is there a way to just install the OS through the OEM recovery CD (winxp home) I have a Compaq XP CD from my old rig and it install all these crap that are quite useless.. then sometimes the PC would boot saying "Compaq" on the BIOS screen lol. thats cheap I don't want that in a custom made rig. :haha:

    Is there a way to just install XP? if not, then I guess I can jus have fun uninstalling a buncha prog..
  2. lewekleonek

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  3. RealBlackStuff

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    There's noboddy stopping you from modifying your XP-CD and burn it afresh without all that crap!
    You'll need to search where to bypass the installation of all those Compaq-bits, but that should not be all too difficult. They'll be in some scriptfiles most likely, that you can edit with Notepad.
  4. truflip

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    notepad.. awesome little prog =] thanks guys
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