GPU running hot? An aftermarket air cooler could solve your problems


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From gv-n2060oc-6gd TU106 bios:
Temperature limit
Minimum - 65C
Default - 83C
Maximum - 87C
Adjustment range -22% to +5%

But the GPU core start to throttle from 75C, this means anything below this will have max boost.
hey , they went a little bit conservative here I think even for an entry lvl 2060 starting to throttle at 75° is kinda hard...


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hey , they went a little bit conservative here I think even for an entry lvl 2060 starting to throttle at 75° is kinda hard...
I checked again just now.
Below 65C is 1935mhz
below 75C is 1750mhz
and at 84C is 1450mhz


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I bought a 3060 ti that runs up to 80 with even higher hotspot temp. Got those old news PCI bracket for fans and two Arctic P12 fans and that brought the temp down to 66c.

Cost me like $25 and requires no disassembly nor warranty breaking shenanigans whatsoever plus it also serves as an nvme cooler. Honestly if I were to even bother getting products like this, I might as well pay a bit more for a GPU with a good heatsink in the first place. The price is so high probably because there's not a lot of people who even bother.
Disassembly does not void your warranty. That's just pure BS. And the price is not that high (80-90). Techspot just made up an outrageous number.


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One cooler to fit all cards? I didn't even know that was possible. Hmm, it makes me think that if I ever decide that I want better cooling on my RX 6800 XT, I'll just use the cooler from my XFX RX 5700 XT THICC-III. It's considerably larger than the reference AMD cooler on the RX 6800 XT!

Nah, I'm kidding. I bought the reference RX 6800 XT because I wanted THAT card. I'm not going to mess with it. :laughing:
The mounting goes to the holes around the GPU and can be adjusted. So PCB design is largely irrelevant.


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People get too hung up on the numbers, temperature-wise. CPUs and GPUs are designed to withstand, operate normally under and endure over time, high temperatures. Stability and long term dependability can still be achieved with higher temps so long as they are within the designated range. Like running a game for example a CPU temp of 60-70 and a GPU temp of 80-90 may not be ideal, but are well within range.

True, and in the south of France where I live, I never reach the temps you quote running at stock frequencies!


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$200 for an aftermarket GPU heatsink without fans? Yeah, ok, this will sell reeeeal well. *eyeroll*
It really will. Fans are not expensive and selling this unit without fans gives the user the freedom to choose the fans they want. This is an excellent heatsink. I want one.