Grand Theft Auto IV: Maximum Video Ram Needed for 1680x1050

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Aug 17, 2009
  1. How much video ram would be needed to play at the highest settings that are available for this resolution-1680x1050. I realize you need a fast pc as well, but I am concerned about the video card memory at the moment. I realize this will not be the highest in-game settings.

    I am looking at a 2gb 4870 right now, but I am wondering if the 1gb would do. I will be using an awful lot of mods when playing the game.
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    The GTAIV resource thingy is inaccurate and the game is a very botched port. Don't put too much stock in those settings. A 1GB HD 4870 will be plenty at that resolution.
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    As a side note. The game runs very very well at these settings so the 1 gb card should be fine. As rage said its a bad port and i cant imagine the pc you would need to have everything on max.
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    Thanks for everything guys!!

    The main thing I was worried about with a 1gb card is how much vram would be left to add mods.
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    If you look at my screenshot you will see im using 983 mb with only 41 in draw distance. Everthing else apart from resoloution is maxxed out. The draw distance slider will not move any higher than 41( greyed out).

    If you are planning to run the game on max everything, i would say a 1.5gb is a minimum with addons. If you are willing to drop a few settings a little 1gb will be fine.

    I must point out that the xbox 360 and ps3 versions use very similar settings to what i am using, but have around 30 in draw distance. so as you can imagine there is really nothing wrong with the graphical quality at slightly lower settings..

    The choice is yours. Hope this helps :)
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    Thanks for all the help friends!
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