Grand Theft Auto V trailer unveiled



I find the pirating of a game series that glorifies criminality, gangs and violence quite ironic in fact...


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gwailo247 said:
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And honestly, who plays PC games that much anymore? I can't stand playing games on a PC. Nothing like the feel of a controller in the hands. Mouse and keyboards are just not a good quality gaming set up for me!

That's probably the saddest thing I've read in a while. Run along child...


Seriously.. ban guest comments already?


I'm buying this game even if it only comes out for Wii.

In other words -- NOTHING short of earth's magnetic field getting blitzed by a solar storm will stop me from buying it for whatever platform it comes out for. Period. The trailer looks so amazing that I'm practically doing jumping jacks in my bedroom while I write this message.

Way ultra super bloody cool.


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Trailer looks good.

It is kinda surprising that Rockstar didn't take GTA to a new city (as in name at least) especially after the cries over IV's Liberty. But i suppose as long as it's good (and has better weather than Liberty) the fans won't be moaning. I certainly won't anyway.


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I have to admit that I grew up on GTA, but I really wasn't impressed with GTA4 and I will most likely not buy the newest addition. It seems almost like a Halo franchise now, like it's the only way they have a guaranteed paycheck. This is speculation by the way, it just might turn out to be a game changer.