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Dec 20, 2008
  1. I bought an Nvidia geforce 7300gt AGP about a year ago. On the package it said that its memory was 512mb. After looking around i noticed that some places said that is was 256mb . Does anyone know whether or not there are different versions, whether there is a big difference between 512mb and 256mb and how can i find the spec on my computer.
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    There may be different versions of the 7300GT... If the box said 512MB go with that. There should be no reason to doubt it
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    Down With Confusion....Well it's not quite that simple....

    Many of the older series of video cards, such as possibly some GT7300 cards, shared memory with the system. A card might claim it was a 512MB memory model, but actually only have 128MB onboard, then "steal" the rest from system memory. I don't know if the card you're describing is one of these.
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    thanks anyway i can can only asume it 512mb
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    I thought there might be a program out there for this purpose. My Vista machine reports 512MB on my GeForce 8600 PCIe video card
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    I have a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 but it says it's out of date...
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