Graphics card for dimension e310

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Nov 16, 2008
  1. Ok. I have a Dimension E310 and i need to upgrade the graphics card. i bought call of duty 4 for it but when i try to start, it says my graphics card isn't good enough to run it. what graphics card should i get?
  2. kimsland

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    Looks as though you have PCI-Express on that Motherboard
    Further info here:

    You may want to double check all your drivers and confirm all your Dell information here:

    PCI Express Video card when installed will help immensely
    You can pick one up at just about any computer store, or even online here:
  3. electromagnetic

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  4. southside419

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    I have a friend who plays COD 4 and he ran ito the same problems so he went out and bought a ati 1 gb video card
  5. electromagnetic

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    I'm amazed everyone thinks not being able to play a game is a hardware problem, but it's a software glitchy game, the developers release without making sure, the game works on all computers. So it's not a driver problem but glitchy game.

    So with some games if you got integrated graphics you could use 3d analyze ?;4159004;/fileinfo.html

    software transform and lighting caps

    But it's gets too much for you when the keep adding too much requirements to play.
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