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I am a noob at upgrading and installing parts in computers. I bought a gaming computer from amazon and it has been running quite well so far, but I intend on upgrading the graphics card. Maybe paying some-one to do it for me, as I have no knowledge what so ever on how to install/remove a graphics card.
Current PC Specs that I know of:
Processor: AMD Quad Core 4130.
Graphics Card: ATI HD 5450.
Power Supply: According to the Seller. 110v, 500 watts.
As you can see I do not know much about my computer. But here is a link to the product that I bought from Amazon:
I play games like: COD: Ghosts, COD 4: Modern Warfare, GTA V [When and IF it comes out on PC], Garrys Mod, WoW, Portal 2 and other high end graphics games. - Overall, I need a recommendation on what graphics card to buy, and would it both run and fit in my computer. [I live in the UK and my budget is aprox. £150]. Sorry if I have either posted this in the wrong thread, or if I am not giving enough information. Please inform me if you require more info.

EDIT!: I found some information about my computer from the amazon link, here is some Product Details:
Processor Brand: AMD
Processor Type: AMD BULLDOZER [4130 Quad Core]
Processor Speed: 3.9 GHz
Processor Socket: SocketAM3
Processor Count: 4 Memory
RAM Size: 8000 MB
Computer Memory Type: DDR3 SDRAM Hard Drive
Hard Drive Size: 1000 GB
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA
Additional Drives: DVD+-RW Graphics
Graphics Card Description: ATI 5450 1GB HDMI VGA CARD
Power Supply: [According to the Seller] 110v, 500 watts.
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With that budget and 500 watts, you should not be too limited in your purchases. One thing you need to check is if your Power Supply has a set of 6 pin connectors or 8 pin connectors because sometimes on the pre-bought machines they do not have too many.

Here is what I would recommend if you have at least 2 6 Pins available:

R9 280 £175
R9 270X £140

Those would both be excellent cards with the 280 being the best and the 270X being right below it in terms of performance. Both would be a huge step up from an HD 5450.
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Thank you for your response!:) How would I be able to check if my power supply has what you say it needs? [2 6 Pin Connectors]


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Thank you for your response!:) How would I be able to check if my power supply has what you say it needs? [2 6 Pin Connectors]
Just look for the coords dangling from the PSU, they should look something like this:


Your system should at least have one or two of these connectors being a 500 Watt. However you just need to check first because some of those cards listed need at least 2 6 pins and your current GPU usually does not have a 6Pin needed for it.


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The cords could be bundled up and tucked away somewhere. Or, your PSU might have some holes that would fit this plug, but the actual cables are missing.

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