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Aug 10, 2004
  1. im trying to decide what graphics cards to get, im on a relativly low budget thinking about a radeon 9600 or equivelant. i was wondering if an Nvidia card would work better with my motherboard which is an asus a7n8x-x. would there be any difference in performance? ive always used ati cards so am unsure about changing to geforce??!!
  2. Raiders

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    Well its up to you ,,most people say ATI just plain blows nVidia away,,i personaly dont know i have always been a nVidia user,
    read the many forums and judge for yourself.
    as far as your motherboard, it doesnt care what Video card you use.
    Happy hunting,(nVidia)
  3. novicegamer

    novicegamer TS Rookie Posts: 89

    Your MOBO might not care but your OS sure will.If you change brands you will need to remove any drivers before you will be able to use new card.Also some games run better on differant video cards your choice.other than that its all up to your preferance as you probabley wouldnt be able to tell the performance differance in equally matched cards
    Good luck you have a very hard choice to make
  4. ---agissi---

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    ya mobos arent really picky about what brand gpu :p
  5. Raiders

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    good point Gamer,,
    To help narrow the choices down for you r_Nelson,,thare are many cards out there that are directX9.0 ready,,for newer games you mite want one of those.

    Happy hunting
  6. r_nelson

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    im gonna stay with radeon i reckon as i have a fair idea of how good the different cards are i.e. 9200 -> 9800 etc whereas with nvidia i dont have a clue really. im headin down the path of either a standard 9600 or maybe get a cheapoer se verion and maybe soft mod it.
  7. $oulo

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    Well here's something I don't know if any of you knew this but some Radeon 9800pro 128 can be flashed with 9800XT bios and oc'd a bit (with a better fan and some heatsinks) and TADA Your 980 pro 128 turns instantly into a 9800XT 128!! Here's a link all about it
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