Graphics cards for 375 watt powersupply.

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Hi I posed this question in a previous thread regarding 7900 vs 8600 GT, but thought that it should be in a seperate thread.

I want to get a graphics card to play battlefield 2 flawlessly, and just found out that I have 375 Watt supply on my dell 9150.

Can I get graphics card that say 400 Watt minimum? the 7900 GS says 400 watt minimum.

What cards run on less than 400 ?

Thanks for your help


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Using your Service Tag Number at the Dell Site then going to accessories, you will find 9 video cards that Dell sells for the 9150... I assume they will work with that power supply, which is an excellent power supply, and will not avoid the warranty.
Among them are VisionTEK X1650 Pro HDMI 256 PCI Express
eGeForce 7600 GS 512 MB
VisionTEK XTASY Radeon X1600XT Xtreme Garners Edition 512 MB GDDR3 PCI Express
EVGA E-GeForce 7300 GS256MB DDR2 PCI-E

See all nine, and read the fine print. An incorrect motherboard will reck your warranty...
Since Dell Prices are outrageiously high, you can probably find them a lot cheaper at Circle K


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What raybay says about Dell's prices is correct. I did all my upgrades after the fact and saved up to 60%.
The Dell 375w psu has 30amps on the 12v rails and 8800GTS's are available configured from the factory but would save you some $ to purchase on your own. My Dell 305w psu has 22amps on the 12v rails and I run a 8600GT XXX with no problems. I could run a GTS or 7900GT if I wanted to on it.
Thank you raybay and kpo6969 for your help.

I intend on getting a gainward 7900 GS with 256 mb. How Do I find out that it is compatible with my dell motherboard? I assume, since it already runs a geforce 7300 LE ( crap crap crap) then 7900 shouldnt have any major trouble.

oh, ive got pentium D 2.8 and 1 gb of ram, is that enough to utilize the graphics card's abilities?



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Your ? has no reason to post.
A 375 watt power supply is adequate for a complete system.
Thats what i have and my ATI requirements have no mention of Power supply.
Just get the right voltage video card for your motherboard.
Quote asus motherboard AGP slot,
Install only 1.5 V or 0.8 volt AGP,not 3.3 voltage,
check your manual.
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