Grateful Dead lyricist lambasts DMCA

By Phantasm66
Feb 25, 2002
  1. Whilst poking around on my usual net haunts, I found the article I have quoted below.

    I wish at all of these evil record companies would just be happy with the amount of money that they make with their pop princesses and 5 wally boy group bands. They don't need to take away my right to watch "Star Trek: Enterprise" latest eps straight from their premier in the US months before they hit cable in the UK. Or my ability to download the latest Alanis Morissette song just to see if its worth buying.

    When will people come to their sense and realise that peer to peer file sharing will not cost media companies revenue if they can just stop fighting. All that happens when you shutdown Napster is, much like a regenerating hydra, another head springs up elsewhere called grokster or kazaA.


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