Green Band Problem

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Hello, I download movies off of the internet and i recently made a huge upgrade to my computer, new mobo, cpu, HDD, Graphics card, dvd drives, monitor etc..

Anyways, some movies I D/L have this vertical "Green Band" on the screen, in the middle.

This is beginning to be a major problem, because my "Mom" keeps yelling at me. LOL

My NEW system specs:
AMD Anthlon64 AM2+ DualCore 3ghz(ea) 6000+
MSI K9 Neo-F
Foxconn Nvidia GeForce 8500GT 512mb
2GB OCZ Reaper HPC UHP DDR2 ram

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-=Do you download your movies from various sources or from one source?
-=What is/are the file extension(s) of the videos that have the green band?
-=Are you able to copy the movies to another computer/does the same problem happen on the other computer?
-=Which media player application are you using? (Windows Media Player/Center, RealOne, MPlayer, ETC)

At first glance, this seems to be a codec problem. There are many ways to get around this, like trying a different media player, or installing codecs that support your video format.


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Ohhww... thats what I forgot to mention, sorry.

1] I download all my movies from one source
2] .AVI
3] yes, i could copy them to another computer. no i dont have another computer.
4] VLC Media Player

I also forgot to mention that this is a problem with VLC media player only.

If i use it with WMP the movies are B&W and do not have this "green band".
I just installed the K-Lite mega Codec Pack, but that didnt seem to help any.
I installed Media Player Classic, All movies that have the green band on VLCmp
that I play on MPC work perfect.

But my mom has grown fond of VLC so i cant just switch Players yet.

.AVI file is not broken.
And again, I FORGOT to add in title that this is a VLC problem...

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As much as I love VLC, the player has been known to do this kind of thing. I would follow these steps to try and fix it, but there aren't any gurantees.

-=Remove VLC, and reinstall the latest version.
-=Remove the codec pack. Codec packs should never be used, as they often include spyware and can easily cause codec conflicts. If you NEED the pack, remove it anyway, then install ffdshow.

Other than that, if the mplayer fits...
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