Guide to video card upgrades/questions

By cfitzarl · 214 replies
Dec 29, 2006
  1. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Have you tried re-installing the drivers with the 8600GT installed? That seems to be your main issue IMO.
  2. Revelation 23

    Revelation 23 TS Rookie

    I did that before putting the 8400 back in. Had installed the latest version of the drivers right after first putting it in too.

    I was hoping I could resolve it without having to send it in for replacement or repair. If I had a spare motherboard with PCIE, I'd give it a shot in there, but I'm not up to trying it on someone else's computer. I've got other stuff that needs to be taken care of immediately and with Christmas season, I can't imagine it'll be a speedy process right now.
  3. michelleap

    michelleap TS Rookie

    Can anyone help me with my problem im new to this site and its very confusing. my problem is i get an error message "Failed to find any directx 9.0c compatible graphics adaptors in this system. Make sure you have direct x 9.0c compatible graphics adaptor and you have installed the latest drivers provided by your manufacturer." and i have direct x 9 as a matter of fact i used to play all the sims2 expansions just weeks ago before i rebooted my computer never had a problem untill rebooting.. my system specs are gateway comp desktop windows xp, intel extreme graphics controller 82845G, 2,49ghz intel pentium 4 cpu, 766 MB RAM, and directx 9. please if anyone can help i would be greatly appreciated. you can email me.
  4. c50662

    c50662 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Looking to buy a good video card that will play most, if not all, of the latest games out there.

    +PCI-E 2.0 16x

    Comp Specs:

    +CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Windsor 3.0GHz
    +Mobo: Biostar TA780G M2+
    +Memory: 2GB G.SKILL DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
    +Antec earthwatts 500W 80+ Certified. (

    (Edit: New CPU just put in.)
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    @c50662, I'd recommend this card as the perfect choice for you.

    @michelleap, please look at the guidelines posted in this thread and post here if you have any problems.
  6. c50662

    c50662 TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Thanks Rage! That's the card I was looking at, but wasn't sure if it was the best for my budget.
  7. ahal

    ahal TS Rookie Posts: 54


    I've just about had it with the crappy ATi Radeon 9200. I have now failed to install it in a Compaq PIII and P4 Evo ... and a couple of AMD based machines inbetween. No matter how many Bios updates or anything else I download, I get a black screen every time.

    How in the name of God did they ever manage such a card? It's like 1982 all over again! By comparison, I've never had a problem with NVidia cards. I'm going to take the hammer to the Ati just in case I'm ever tempted to mess with it again.

    Feeling much better now ... my wonderful ATI Radeon 9200 is now in two parts! Yes, I destroyed it. Life's too short for ATI. Anyone who makes a card a flakey as this should be shot. Anyone got a nice NVidia they want to sell me?

    I'm not looking for cutting - edge, which is probably just as well because I have a P4 1.6 ( 1 gig RAM ) ... compaq Evo d3d. Most of the games I'm into span 2000 - 2005.


    ( off for a nice big mug of coffee now )
  8. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Not all of ATI's or NVIDIA's offerings are shoddy. Ultimately, card quality comes down to the quality control by individual third-party manufacturers.

    As for a recommendation, try a GeForce 8400GS PCI if you have only PCI slots. If you have an AGP slot, a 7600GS is a decent enough card.
  9. direwolf007

    direwolf007 TS Rookie Posts: 105

    For AGP, the X1650Pro also works, as well as a newer HD2600Pro, HD2600XT or HD3650.
  10. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,485   +45

    You know, I've been here through 3 builds and I havnt seen this before. Weird. This is probably one of the best threads here, very informative and since it was started some time ago it creates a timeline. Which people will find to make reference to current upgrades they may be looking at.
  11. xKrNMBoYx

    xKrNMBoYx TS Rookie

    I'm not much of a gamer but I'm trying to get a better video card than a integrated one for my little brother's computer.

    I decided I want one of these. I'd like to know which one is better.

    nVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT 1GB


    ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB


    ...........nVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT................
    Chipset GPU-----------Nvidia Geforce 9500GT
    Memory-----------------1GB DDR2
    Core Speed------------550 MHz
    Memory Speed--------800 MHz
    Interface----------------PCI Express 2.0
    Direct X Support-------DirectX 10
    OpenGL----------------OpenGL® 2.0
    RAMDAC---------------400 MHz
    Memory Bus-----------128 Bits
    Output Ports-----------D-SUB & DVI & HDTV Out

    ................ATI Radeon HD 4650.............................
    Graphic Processor--------ATI Radeon® HD4650
    Memory---------------------1GB DDR-2
    Core Speed----------------600 MHz
    Memory Speed------------800 MHz
    Bus Type-------------------PCI-Express® X16 2.0 Support
    3D API Support------------Microsoft® DirectX™ 10.1, Shader Model 4.1 and OpenGL™ 2.0
    Stream processor---------320 stream processor units
    HDMI Support--------------HDMI 1.2
    Memory Bus----------------128 Bits
    Video Output---------------DVI / VGA / HDTV / TV-Out / HDCP Support
    HDMI Output----------------Optional DVI to HDMI adapter
    Resolution-------------------Support up to 2560 x 1600


    As far as Specs or stats go the ATI Radeon HD 4650 looks a bit better. Do you guys agree or know that it's true?
  12. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    The HD 4670 is a better choice than either of those two, if you can find one.
  13. xKrNMBoYx

    xKrNMBoYx TS Rookie

    hrm..if i find one then yes i'll try to go for the 4670
  14. FusilliJerry82

    FusilliJerry82 TS Rookie Posts: 97

    The best AGP card you can get at the moment is actually an ATI HD 3850. I wouldn't worry about it being an ATI. Their drivers for the newer 3 and 4 series are worlds better than the ones for the 9xxx series.
  15. aricartt

    aricartt TS Rookie

    see...i am new
    and still have no idea what that means, i have a crossfire system and my videocard cant get enough power i got a PSU that is supposed to be compatible with crossfire but i dont really know the amperage

    XCLIO GOODPOWER 500W 500W ATX SLI Certified CrossFire Ready
    SAPPHIRE 100225L Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR4 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP
    Foxconn P45A-S LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel
  16. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    That particular XClio does not have any documentation listing the total power on the +12V rails. It should still be sufficient for the HD 3870. What problems are you facing specifically?
  17. EvieKB

    EvieKB TS Rookie

    help. sims problems.please.

    you see i bought a sims game just the other day and am having trouble getting it to work. i believe that i am having the same problems as some other people. it says "Failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in this system! Please make sure you have a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter and have installed the lastest drivers provided by the manufacturer. The application will now terminate." I have downloaded DirectX 9.0 and it will still now work.
    System Information
    Time of this report: 1/27/2009, 12:58:12
    Machine name: HOUSE-8D39AC6B4
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp.061012-0254)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
    System Model: ER895AA-ABA A1423W
    BIOS: BIOS Date: 02/24/2006 Ver: 08.00.12
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 960MB RAM
    Page File: 228MB used, 2086MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode

    i am not sure what is wrong. you may tell me to enable the Direct3D but i cant and i have no idea why i am so confused please help.
  18. FusilliJerry82

    FusilliJerry82 TS Rookie Posts: 97

    Is this a newer card you recently installed? If so, DID you install the drivers for it?
  19. Dnanjiru

    Dnanjiru TS Rookie

    Hello everyone!

    1) World of Warcraft all the way. Every once in a while Ill get a new game, most recently Dead Space (amazing game), but other than that Im pretty much 100% WoW. The performance towards other games really doesnt concern me like WoW does.

    2) My computer as a whole is probably in need of an upgrade but Im really not interested in that at this point since Im a senior in high school and I have better things to spend my money on. A couple hundred bucks isnt out of my price range though.

    3) I have a Rocketfish 700w that more than gets the job done.

    MOBO: ASUSTek Computer INC.
    Graphic Interface: AGP v3
    Memory: 1.5gb DDR
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3400+
    Core Speed: 1810 MHz
    PSU: 700w Rocketfish, 4 +12V output rails

    Currently I have the incredibly terribad Visiontek HD 2600 Pro 512MB that was a total waste of money. Im looking to buy the Radeon HD 3850 512MB Sapphire but Im still undecided.

    5) also I live in Kansas City, USA


    Thanks in advance for all the help and suggestions.
  20. FusilliJerry82

    FusilliJerry82 TS Rookie Posts: 97

    A 2600 should be fine for WOW. You'd probably do better with a new motherboard/CPU and RAM, which you can get on the mid-end for $200-250ish.
  21. Dnanjiru

    Dnanjiru TS Rookie

    The 2600 has so many problems with screen tear and inevitably gives me a black screen of death where I am forced to restart my entire system which has made me to play at minimal video options with only decent fps. If I had done more research before buying it I would have noticed all the problems people were having with it (just look at Visionteks forums). Im definitely upgrading.
  22. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    I recommend upgrading the entire system instead of paying somewhere around $150 for a card like the HD 3850. Spending $250 will get you a new mobo, CPU, RAM and video card, with the latter being much more powerful than the HD 3850.
  23. FusilliJerry82

    FusilliJerry82 TS Rookie Posts: 97

    As long as you aren't opposed to Intel, you could build a screamer with a new mobo, CPU, RAM and video card for about that price range, yes.
  24. solnovi

    solnovi TS Rookie

    I recently purchased a new PC. It has the following attributes.

    1. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit)
    2. nVidia MCP61 chipset
    3. AMD Phenom(tm) 9150e Quad-Core Processor x64
    4. RAM 7.00 GB DDR2-SDRAM
    5. 600 GB Hard Drive
    6. 22' LCD Display
    7. Not sure of the power supply (~_^) semi-noob!

    Here is where my issue begins, the graphics card is a weak, integrated (nVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430) and makes me feel like I am holding back a lion with a bubblegum leash as far as graphics potential, excuse the analogy. How hard would it be to install a good mid-to high end GPU in this system, and what are some recommendations for cards that will boost my FPS on games like World of Warcraft, Oblivion, etc, while not blowing a hole in my wallet.
  25. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    What is the maximum resolution on the display?

    As for the PSU, it is a unit located at the back of your case, usually at the top with its fan clearly visible. Open up your case and look for a sticker attached to the PSU, that looks somewhat like this:
    Click pic to maximize

    Post all the info from the sticker or post a clear shot of it from your cellphone camera.

    Alternatively, if you have a OEM PC from HP or the like, post the model number.
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