Guitar and soundcard....NEED HELP!

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Mar 22, 2006
  1. Basically i have this guitar rig 2 software that lets you plug you guitar into your computer and use effects, the thing is you cant set the program to use the LINE IN port as the input only the MIC port.

    My current sound card is just a standard one inbuilt into my motherboard with 3 ports MIC, LINE IN and LINE OUT.

    But when i plug my guitar into the MIC socket the sound is very poor and crackley but through LINE IN the sound is OK.

    What i want to know is is there a soundcard specifically for instruments or guitars whether its plugged into LINE IN or MIC port.

    (I have tried messing eith all the Mic volume and all that but the sound quality is still messed up)

    I need good sound quality even through the Mic socket.

    thanks guys!
  2. MrGaribaldi

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    I suggest taking a look here..
    It is a page which talks about how to hook up your electric guitar to your computer, and also has a few suggestions to what sound cards (w/built in pre-amps) that could be useful.

    Good luck!
  3. k1n9k00p4

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  4. MrGaribaldi

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    I have never used anything like this before, but a search on the net came up with different results. You can find a page here which gives both glowing reviews, and labels it as a complete waste of money.

    Of the more complete reviews I've found, they find it ok. It isn't the best in the world, but should be ok. You can read one of them here...

    If you go for it, I'd suggest downloading the latest drivers for it, as that might have resolved some of the problems mentioned in the posts linked to. And also, check that the shop you buy it in has a good RMA policy...

    Good luck!
  5. CrossFire851

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    I would deffently go with LINE IN
  6. N3051M

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    are you planning to record using this pc for your giutar or just use it specificaly as an oversized but fully customisable guitar pedal? :evil:

    Guitar sends its electrical signal at Line level (1.2v i think), hence "line in" while the microphones sends it at much lower (0.5v i think) and then needs to go through some sort of mic pre-amp to get it to a workable signal like Line levels, thats why you cant put it through a microphone channel (unless its been from a Direct Injection box) with normal gain levels and still get alright quality..

    if its for recording, then an MBOX or better yet a 002 are possibly one of teh best ones for home studios, although there are a few other intermediate or professional internal/external instrument and/or midi interfaces available for cheaper.. and although stuff from Creative (audigy etc) are good for consumer stuff (games, music playback) it doesnt have much bearing in the pro recording world, although you still can record with it if you wish......

    if its the other (oversized "guitar pedal" with full custom FX), get yourself a Pod. same thing, has an LCD screen on most models and alot of customable pedals and knobs.....

    but if you still want to get it on the mic input with your existing sound card, tehn have you tried going

    guitar>guit amp (input)>guit amp (line out)>PC (mic in)


    guitar > DI-box with 10/20dB padding (if needed)> PC (mic in)

    the latter should work definatley, although you may need to rig up a cable or get one with a 3.5mm jack (for the pc if i'm correct) and an XLR for the DI, tehn plug your guitar to the DI-box (you can get decent ones for under $100)......
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