Half-Life 2

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Apr 22, 2003
  1. Shinkada

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    PCs have better graphics than consoles? When I first got my Geforce4 TI4200, which was at the time the absolute best card on the market, and bought about three of the newest and highest rated computer games, such as Vietcong, the graphics were nowhere NEAR GameCube or even PS2 graphics. I mean, come on. Half Life 2 does look good, but can you honestly compare it to graphics like Metroid Prime? Maybe my eyes see things from too much devotion to Nintendo, but as far as I've seen, HL2 only JUST competes with current console graphics...

    Of coarse, these are only very limited screens. I'm sure weapon special effects and monster designs are also going to bring up it's graphics rating with me. But then, I'm also not much of a computer gamer. There are probably a tonne of titles that I have overlooked that surpass consoles hugely. Oh well.
  2. Arris

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    Have you seen Splinter Cell on the PS2 compared to the PC version? It is quite poor graphic wise.
    When you consider that the graphic core in the Xbox is a Geforce card somewhere between a Geforce3 and Geforce4 you can't really say the graphics are superior.
    And the nintendo graphics are nice, but its usually different types of games and different styles of graphics to PC games. The nintendo is ATI powered so its going to have a fairly decent graphical power but they still generally output a much lower resolution (640x480?) for use with TVs (although I believe the Xbox has a 1080i mode for 100Hz HDTVs). Another good example. Compare Max Payne on the PC on a monitor and console on TV and again you will see the difference. Or PS2 Medal Of Honor compared with the PC. Its just not the same level of sharpness and detail. Fair enough if you have a console with a good tv and a PC with a cheap and cheerful 15" inch monitor then the console will look better. But on my 19" Samsung CRT or 17" Samsung 172T TFT the PC wins without a doubt.

    I own both a PC and a PS2 and I know the PC that I have will kick the *** of the PS2 off of the planet when it comes to sheer graphics power. To be honest I think that console game developers do wonderful work with the limited hardware of consoles but thats because of the afore mentioned lifespan of the consoles. Whereas developers for PCs can push the graphics of the game and work with a system of LOD (level of detail) so that people with more powerful systems can have staggering levels of detail with shadows and lighting etc. and people with lower spec machines can still play but with less "eye candy".
  3. acidosmosis

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    Well said Arris :-D
  4. JSR

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  5. olefarte

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    There's a new Half-Life 2 movie out called "tunnels" at 3DGamers. The bad part is it comes in at almost 98 MB's. So I guess for broadband users only. I swear the graphics sure look good on that game, I can't wait, even if it turns out to he late.
  6. olefarte

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    Another Half-Life 2 teaser movie, "bugbait", coming in at 166 MB.
  7. acidosmosis

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    I am going to have to try later :( there are too many people trying to download that file and I can't get access to it.
  8. JSR

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    hey, they're breaking out the

    preparation y................bend overrrrrrr :grinthumb
  9. JSR

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