Hard disk doesnt register anymore

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Jun 18, 2006
  1. Ok. So i got a new computer with 2 hard disks. 1 80 gig one and a 160 gig one. i installed windows and realised that the 160 gig one had no partitions. so i put the windows cd in and selected to partition the second hard disk. i came back an hour later and it was still on 0%. So i turned the comp off and on again by holding the power button. I restarted the partitioning. However, the system only registered my 80 gig hard drive. The 160 gig one no longer showd up in the BIOS ither or the system information. I took it out and tried it in all the SATA ports but none of them registered as it being there. Anyone got any suggestions as to what happened?
  2. Mirob

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    I'd bet the drive just died. If you can, try it in another computer to be certain. If it's new you can RMA it to the manufacturer. At their website you can find all the needed information.
  3. Samstoned

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    you could try just install os on the other
    after you have it up add the problem drive and see of the os can fix the corrupt file system and or check it if realy bad
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    are both drives SATA?
  5. q431/\/\

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    Yea they are both SATA drives. And i cant repair the corrupt file etc... because nothing will detect that it is there. Also i cant RMA it to the manufacturer because it came with the pc i ordered i diddnt buy it seperately. Hmm, i will try it in another compouter just to check but it is SATA and my other one still uses IDE so i need to find someone else who will let me use theirs.
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