Hard disk drive not found

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Hi guys, it's my first time posting here...so bear with me..

I have 2 problems on my hands with my computer

First off, it's a Dell Optiplex GX150, everything is factory except it has Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 on it...

Now about 4+ months ago, I bought my sister-in-law a new HD (samsung 80gig) and set everything up on my computer at my house, when I took the new HD out and put my old one back in, i started having problems when booting up.

When I boot up I get a message that says:

"Primary hard disk drive 1 not found
Secondary hard disk drive 0 not found
Secondary hard disk drive 1 not found
Strike the F1 key to continue F2 to run the setup utility"

When I hit F1 everything boots up like normal. I have gone through the setup utility, i have done everything i can think of to do...

When I called Dell the girl didn't have a clue as to what she was saying, and the end result came down to that "you're missing a driver, find it online and download it". So if that is true, can someone point me in the right direction??

Second problem started after I reformatted about a month ago, and now my computer isn't detecting my CD-ROM drive, when i go into the Setup mode it says CD-ROM (not installed)..

Any help with this, would be much appreciated, thanks so much!



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also check the jumpers on every drive to make sure that they're set properly for master/slave configuration.
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Okay I just went in there and checked and double checked and triple checked and everything is set the way it's supposed to be...my CD ROM is back, but i'm still having the boot up error
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up to the top...

does anyone have any idea???

Oh and now it's not saying Secondary 0...it's just Primary 1 and Secondary 1..


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That sounds ok.

Can you give use the exact configuration?


Primary channel - 1 hdd, master - 1 cdrom, slave.


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just hit the F2 go to setup use optimum defaults
save F10 exit
you should not see this prompt again and Oh you can go back to bios and reconfig the way you want the boot up and or other bios setups.

you have to clear the cmos remove power cord ,remove the battery short + and - with a screwdriver
reboot pc
you will get a message option not set
enter setup
esc exit and save setup

your pc will be ok

the hard dfrive jumper can be master or cable select

iy you don t want to short just remove the battery for the night...
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