Hard Drive Missing In Action

By BruceF
Feb 3, 2005
  1. new computer build with asus a8v deluxe, wd raptor sata 74GB Hd. no matter what i do, cannot get mobo to recognize hd. i've tried both via controllers and both promise controllers, bios set correctly and no luck. can't even get to the point to install xp-its like i don't even have a hd hooked up, but it is!!
    this is not a raid- one hd only. i tried to run floppy westerndigital dos diagnostic to analyze hd but that wouldn't even recognize the hd. could this be a dead hd, or something else. mobo boots to bios fine so i don't think its the mobo but i'm not sure. tried differnt sata cables and power connector (sata vs legacy) still no luck. could it be video card??? I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
    By the way Ctrl-F during boot shows "no hd connected".asus tech thinks its a dead hard drive.
    thanks for any help...
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Boot your PC from the XP-cdrom and start the installation. When asked for SCSI-drivers etc. press F6, then load the SATA-drivers from the floppy that should have come with your mobo. Only then will the SATA disk be recognised.
  3. BruceF

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    missing hd

    thanks for your reply...i tried your suggestion and windows setup could still not read hd. i've pretty much determined the problem to be a defective hd. westerndigital is sending me a new one.-lets hope that's all she wrote!!
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