hard drive not being recognized anymore

By snowman
Apr 25, 2005
  1. i have an IBM/Fujitsu 20gb hard drive. bought it for $10 cause my good drive went to the great trash pile in the sky. and now this one seems to be on its way out. it has worked fine since i installed windows xp pro on it. i got home from work the other day and my computer had shut off and restarted, and was waiting at the log in screen. i logged in and it was fine. until the blue screen of death. i dont remember exactly but it said something about kernel and file. it was the only time i saw it. and now the hard drive wont recognize in bios or in another computer's bios. the drive still spins up and runs, you can hear it when you put your ear close. so did it die or what? is there some way to bring it back to life?
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