Hard drive Problem

By teker9000
Jan 10, 2010
  1. I got a new Western Digital 320 Gb hard drive for my desktop machine that is running XP. It is an IDE hard drive and when I installed XP on it, it didn't register at first as a slave. The BIOS recognized it and it was in the device manager, but I couldn't access it. I made it the primary hard drive and installed XP on it. It made me partition it, so I did. The max partition amount it would let me do is around 130 gb but the drive is 320. How do I get the full amount? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You have one harddrive with XP loaded on it- no dual boot or other harddrives in the system- is this correct?

    Assuming this is correct and you want to resize the partition to include the whole harddrive then you are best to download a program such as:
    An easy program to use.
    I personally prefer to use GParted here
    It allows you to work on the partition using a linux program that isn't in the partition you are trying to resize. It is more complicated. The manual is here.
    The FAQ and disclaimer are here

    REMEMBER TO BACK UP ALL YOUR DATA. Resizing partitions is not risk free.
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    Correct, just that hard drive with XP on it.
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