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By ROdx9
Feb 23, 2005
  1. I just got a used computer from ebay, but i want to put a new harddrive in it, will this make all of the information completely new on the pc?
  2. 4n75

    4n75 TS Rookie

    Hi there


    If you are goinig to put in a new HDD and you want the OS to run from the new drive then you will have to reinstall the OS, on the new drive :)

  3. SNGX1275

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    All you have to do is format the drive that comes with it. It will delete whatever was on there and allow you to start fresh. You are going to need a way to install an Operating System though otherwise you aren't going to be able to do much with it, in other words you need an install cd for windows or whatever you are planning on putting on it.
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