Have I killed my new PSU by opening up my pc?

By ben4652
Aug 23, 2008
  1. I bought a thermaltake 500w psu the other day and installed it fine. It was working absolutely perfectly until I decided to open up my computer and clean some of the dust out a couple of days later.

    In this process I unplugged some of the components in my computer such as the hard drives and dvd drive. However, after reconnecting everything correctly I reattached the power lead to the psu and pressed the power rocker switch to on and nothing happened. On this psu there is an orange standby light that comes on even if the computer is not powered up but this no longer comes on.

    I have tried the paper clip test with this psu but the fan doesnt spin. The computer does boot up and work fine with an old psu I have but dont really want to use. To me this means the psu has failed but I just dont understand how this could have happened after merely unplugging and reconnecting a couple of components.

    Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. gamecrazy

    gamecrazy TS Rookie

    Yes ben4652, i think your PSU has failed. maybe you should check your manufacturer and your warranty.
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