having a soundcard problem (i think), help please!

By GRubio2005
Sep 19, 2005
  1. hey, got a problem. theres no sound playing back when it should be. one day (about a week ago), i started up my comp, and it (my soundcard driver i guess) just stopped working as if it was disabled. checked if it was, nope. i found that it worked when i disabled the realtek soundcard and re-enabled it. it worked once, playing music and all, but that doesnt work anymore. started it up after getting it working and it stopped working again. ive had this pc (soundcard and driver included) for maybe 6 months and never had a problem up until a week ago. i tried looking for drivers hoping maybe something got currupted but i cant find the xp recovery disk or any drivers online. it HAS to be a software problem because when i turn the speakers all the way up, i can hear the feedback from the speakers and when i check the actual device, it says its working properly. cant be hardware. anyway, forgive me if i didnt explain this problem up to par, im kind of computer illiterate. please help if you can, all feedback and solutions would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. blackbox

    blackbox TS Rookie

    Hey there,

    After reading you post, the first thing that came to mind washardware failure!!!

    However, there are a couple of thing you can try to make 100% sure!!

    1.) try downloading the latest driver from wwwdriversguide.com, they are usally quite upto date with the lastest stuff.

    2.) as simple as this might sound, you can check the cable that it is plugged in correcly with a nice clean connection, perhaps a beakage in the cable could be a possiblity..........

    Hope this proves to help...
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