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Having problems installing OS.

By Geist
Mar 12, 2007
  1. Hey all new time buider here with a problem. Actualy first to the guy with the BIOS problem I was encountering that too what I had to do is take out the battery for about 1 hour that will clear the errors that you are getting and will let you get back into your BIOS I had to do it twice in one day so no it doesn't mess up your computer, I even got that from the support site for INTEL, they have actually helped a little on there site for problems. Now as for my problem now... I have all my components hooked up (properly) can get into all BIOS and what not, the problem occurs when I am trying to install O/S, the program stops at the expanding files part and will not continue it tells me that it cannot locate certain files. I also am having a hard time partitioning the drive I am using the discs given with the drive and cannot complete all 8 steps get stuck on step 6 and am getting really P.O.ed about it. The step am stuck on is the step to locate the drive letter. Please if any of you have encountered this problem I really need some guidance I am still a "Dee duh dee" when it comes down to the whole process so please if there is any advise also I ask to dumby it down for me. Thanks hope to be able to help out back to ya'll.

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