Having serious issues upgrading to Windows 7

By pawn3d
Nov 19, 2010
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  1. I've got a computer with Vista 32-bit and it sucks so I'm trying to upgrade to Windows 7, but the installer does not launch it just hangs with the cursor and the little spinning circle. I know it's not the disk because I tried it in Safe Move and the installer launched! (only for it to tell me I can't install Windows in Safe Mode, GRRRR!! :mad: )

    I ran Combofix and it found some viruses and cleaned them up. I also ran chk dsk / r but I think it already did some major damage to the system because even installers for FireFox won't launch and it keeps saying things like
    I told my friend about this and he was like "yea, Vista sucks... You should get Windows 7" and I was like DUH! :sarcastic:
  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,186   +469

    It sounds like you are trying to install Windows 7 from within Windows Vista. You need to boot from the W7 disk which is before Windows starts. Set the first boot device to the CD/DVD drive in which you have the W7 disk. To set the boot device order go into the BIOS or to the Boot Menu. If you do it from the BIOS, the change is permanent until you go back and reset it. If you change it from the Boot Menu, the change will be effective for this session only.
  3. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413

    Yes, if you are getting these problems you need to clean install. Probably for the best, I think Windows Vista actually knows what it's doing.
  4. jamesodriscoll

    jamesodriscoll TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Hi Pawn3d,

    Which version of windows 7 do u have as there are seperate upgrade versions to Full Versions.

    I recommend doing what Mailpup and superty12 suggested and do a fresh install by booting fron the Windows 7 Disk and doing a fresh install.

    Hope this helps

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