Having trouble getting a connection for LAN gaming over wireless

By Stigg7590
Feb 22, 2012
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  1. Fine using a wired ethernet connection, but when we attempt to use wireless no connection what so ever. Both laptops are running windows 7. Really am stuck and have no clue how to do much computer wise. Tell me what you need and how to do it and i'll post otherwise this is all I have atm.

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  2. wrt54gs7

    wrt54gs7 TS Enthusiast

    Please post ipconfig results with wired connection
  3. ITLogicSystems

    ITLogicSystems TS Booster Posts: 28   +7

    ...seriously? Your wanting to game over wifi? in your ipconfig.txt file it shows the "Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card" is connected and has an ip address. the local area connection (wired) is the one that is disconnected. Have you already resolved this issue?? Post back.

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