Having Trouble Installing Propellerhead Reason 3

By Captain Mackk
Apr 24, 2009
  1. My friend gave me his copy of reason and im having problems installing it. He gave me a disk with three files on it in a .iso format. I used Winrar to open the files. Doing that i managed to get the first file to run. That installed Reason but when i go to open Reason it gives me a license agreement and then asks me to put in the orkester sound bank disk which is the second file on the disk i got. So when i extracted the second file it came up with the orkester sound bank in a .rfl format which can only be opened with Reason. So when i try to run the file all Reason says is it's "waiting for the cd" so i took the files and put them on a dvd-r and it still won't get off that screen. Is there anything i have to do to get Reason to recognize the file. I know TechSpot is heavy on illegal downloading. As far as i'm concerned the disk is not pirated. My friend told me he just copied the disk so he would have a spare copy in case he broke his real version which he did eventually break. Just had to make that clear. Does Anyone Have Suggestions.
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