HD is messed up, want to rescue files but..

By Migeru
Apr 1, 2007
  1. So the registries for Windows XP I my computer got corrupt and I Couldn’t do a repair install, So now I have a computer that won’t boot up to windows, I want to grab some files in the HD before I do a reinstall, I used a program called Win PE (a program that boots you up to a weird version of windows where you can perform certain tasks) after I booted to WindowsPE I used one of the programs it had called Paragon Partition Manager 6.0, I can move certain files to my external HD using an “Export” option, the only problem is whenever I try to export videos they don’t work, the progress bar goes way to fast so obviously something not right, and if I try and Export a Folder with 5 videos only one shows up after I export it and it’s always corrupted, simply put I has problems exporting videos but can export images fine, is there another program I can use to do this?? Or similar alternatives to what I’m trying to do?
  2. Nodsu

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    Are you sure it was the registry that was corrupt and not the file system? Run the disk check on this partition and there is a good chance you can even boot from it again.
  3. mikescorpio81

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    Does your boot disk have a System Restore program for Windows?
    If the registry is corrupt, System Restore to a known working date.

    Are you using mini PE boot disk?
  4. russ

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    You could try to use a "live cd" like knoppix or puppy (which is similar to Bart PE but is made with a linux OS) to try to move files to a back up hard drive. These live cd's tend to be better made than the Bart PE disks (which are made by novices). However like mikescorpio81 said above you maybe able to boot the computer with the boot setup cd that came with the computer and boot into a screen that allows you to "restore to an earlier date". You might also try to boot into a "safe mode" by pressing the "F8" key on boot up which you can back up files from.
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