HD Partition not detected.

By whtddusy516
Apr 29, 2007
  1. I had come to a decision to do a clean install of Windows XP because I had completely cluttered my whole system with useless junk and errors were popping up everywhere. I had two partitions, C [120Gb] and G [20gb] both on the same HD, and I had made G with Partition Magic 8. I had moved all of my important files over to G [mainly music, and a couple of files i normally install]. So I did the install and I had noticed that it said G was unknown [First step of installing XP when choosing the partitions] but I didn't really pay attention to it. So when it was done I went into My Computer to go install some things and G was renamed D [I don't think thats really the problem], and when I clicked it it said that D was unreadable or corrupt. This is a hugeee problem, especially since I had put an essay on their thats due tomorrow for school, and if I don't have it im f*****, and I have 12gb of music which I really don't feel like copying onto my computer again...not enough time haha.

    Is it the Partition Magic thats the problem right now? I honestly have no idea what could have caused this since I've done it before. Or should I start downloading a Linux Live CD? haha.


    False alarm, thank god. I installed SP2 and now I can get to everything, so no worries. If that was the actual reason why..I have no idea...but it works so I don't care lol.
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