HDD and DVD burner problems: Qosmio

By AlisN1dlan
Jan 31, 2007
  1. Hello everyone :)

    MY Toshiba laptop fried itself last October and went back to Toshiba for the free System Board replacement: which really shouldn't have warranted wiping the drive: but it came back empty except for the os. I admit: I was lax in backing up my files and lost everything - including some vital parts of my doctoral thesis :( I realized that they had sent me back a different computer - mine was marked in several hidden places so in my desperation I spoke to Toshiba on the phone and begged them to look for MY hard drive in case it was laying around somewhere. I got the Rep to finally admit that the computer that came back to me probably wasn't the one I sent in - and I got him to look for my HD, but no luck.

    This morning when I tried to boot I got a black screen with a "HDD ERROR" message and almost flipped out. It took me about 5 attempts - I kept getting the same message and I could hear the HD screaming and rattling - but I finally got it booted and quieted down - but when I went to back-up some files to CD, the burner doesn't work! (I hadn't had cause to try it since I got it back from them.)

    Since it's working now, what should I do? Wait for it to die or start bugging Toshiba now? Technically the one-year warrantee is up: but I think there's room to argue that point due to the refit and due to the fact that this is a different computer.

    Input greatly appreciated . . .
  2. SNGX1275

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    Backup whatever you can over a network connection or USB. Call Toshiba at the same time, if there was hd noises that weren't normal sounding then the drive is hosed and there is no comming back from it.
  3. gavinseabrook

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    tell toshiba to buy you a dell lol
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