HDD layout suggestions for multiple spindle setup?

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Jun 20, 2007
  1. I have 5 HDD in the new XP system I'm building. I know 2 spindles is better than 1 for performance, but with 5 the options seem endless. This is what I was thinking would give me the best performance, any markups?

    A) 500GB SATA2
    B) 500GB SATA2
    C) 300GB EIDE
    D) 160GB EIDE
    E) 120GB EIDE

    Partitioning is as follows:

    A) 500GB is partitioned into two pieces:
    [A1] is 30GB for Windows
    [A2] is 470GB for Images (photos, digital stills)

    B) 500GB is partitioned into two pieces:
    [B1] is 15GB for SWAP and system temp directory
    [B2] is 485GB for Applications & user data

    C) 300GB is for backup

    D) 160GB is scratch 1

    E) 120GB is scratch 2

    Mounting/Paths are as follows:
    [C] =E:\
    [D] =MOUNTED TO --> D:\SCRATCH\160GB
    [E] =MOUNTED TO --> D:\SCRATCH\120GB

    So, I only have 3 drive letters for my 5 drives and 7 partitions.
    I partitioned the OS separately so that it's on the front and fast 30GB of the first 500GB.
    I partitioned the SWAP/TEMP separately so that it's on the front and fast 15GB of the second 500GB
    I've got apps on a different spindle than the OS
    I've got 2 "scratch" disks, each it's own spindle, that Photoshop or burning can use....

    I'd like to think this is well thought out, but I'm opening it up for criticism...and if you've read this far- thanks!
  2. nickc

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    I am not sure why u would need the 300GB for backup but I see no other problem with this setup as I see it. but I am sure I am overlooking some thing.
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    You haven't considered software RAID and/or logical volumes, have you?

    Maybe you should read up on the Dynamic Disks feature of Windows XP?
  4. insaneoctane

    insaneoctane TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Let's me do full backup of my OS, Apps, and personal data once per month and differentials every night.

    Or something similar.
  5. insaneoctane

    insaneoctane TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is intriguing. I may see if my PCI IDE card (that I have to add, since my new MB only has 1 channel) offers RAID....or, I'm also considering using XP's stripe option...

    But, only 120GB of the 120/160 combo could be striped....can I use the 40GB as a different volume, or is it lost?

    For all the nay sayer about RAID 0, my 120 and 160 drives would NEVER contain anything real important...hence the "SCRATCH" terminology.
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