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Jan 4, 2006
  1. I got an HP laptop for christmas. Christmas 05 just to be clear. It has already broken...........................TWICE. TWICE EFFIN TWICE. First time I was fortunate to have had a good backup of my important documents. This time I am not fortunate enough. I'm trying to find a cd boot disk that will alow me to attempt recover undamaged files to a usb jumpdrive or I also have a 250GB external hard drive to copy to. This is what I'm looking for but I'm open to other suggestions on how to recover this data. If anybody thinks its important, The computer will always get halfway through startup(even in safe mode.) I'm using XP home. It's a dv4000 series notebook so instead of writing all the specs that probably don't help I'll make a link to the specs

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    I'm trying to figure this program out. I've burned the cd and booted it up. I viewed my files via the command prompt but it seems as if usb storage devices aren't supported.*sigh*
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    Any USB device used has to be plugged into the machine BEFORE booting.
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    useful information I'll try it thanks
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    EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard utility can help. Speaking about me, it was
    easily able to restore deleted, lost file and unformat drive,
    so I think you will also find it quite useful. Really recommended
    tool, give it a try.

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