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May 28, 2009
  1. Do anyone else know the normal hdd sound, i mean, when it running. I dont know how to tell here, but surely my 320gb sataII hdd make a noise (it sounds like disc run.. slow n then fast, im not sure the cause, is it form pwr source or any problem ?... Currently i used 3hdd, first one is WD 250GB IDE, 2nd one is WD 320gb SATA and last one WD 160gb SATA... Power supply is about 450watt... OK thank you...
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    Western Digital drives seem to be more noisy than most other brands. The higher capacity drives tend to make a little more noise too. As long as you keep them cool and don't have any problems... Don't worry
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    Thank you, for your reply... my pc running smoothly, only sound of hard disk, as you answered as before, i think it was right... another problem (previous one it accepted), my dad's laptop previously display an error in vista... it show error message like " please backup your drive n it predicted to seem corrupt"... To avoid n for safety precautions, i bought a new hard disk, and installed it as usual. Now it was OK. hmm, to make sure the previous hdd is function, i try install it into my pc, using same sata hdd configuration (* but hdd dimension is for notebook)... It seems OK, now, i tried to using it as common hdd for PC... May i stored data here, i'm very confuses... is it very safe to save my data here ...(as internal hdd for pc).. Thank Q

    For Information:
    Nbook : Lenovo, hdd: WD Scorpio 160GB SATA.
    The error message shows up before windows loading, that mean, after BIOS screen.
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    Run the diagnostic utility from the manufacturer, if it passes the drive is likely as safe as possible. But hard drives do and will fail, so I encourage you to never have anything important stored in only one place,
  5. irkhairuddin

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    im already used WD utilities, but it only have partition section n anything that can't be use for hdd specific diagnostics.. hmmm
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    Western Digital has a hard drive diagnostic utility, that will test the drives SMART status and overall condition. This utility is different than the install utility you used to partition the drive
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