HDMI port busted on Acer Aspire M1100?

By Retrolife
Apr 28, 2010
  1. I used my LG HDTV as my monitor so i used a HDMI connection between the TV and the tower of my PC. Within the last week though i would be sitting surfing the internet and the screen would either freeze with crazy lines across it or the picture would totally cut out. I'd cut the power to the PC and start it up again. Sometimes it took a good two or three times to get it working. Usually it would start and i'd see the white Acer screen but again with crazy lines through it and it wouldn't move. The night before last I shutdown my PC and a few hours later started it up. This time nothing happened at all. I could hear that the PC itself had started up, like the beep when i turned it on and the keyboard lights flashing and the fans on etc. In the TV input menu it still registers that there's a HDMI connection but as i said, there's no picture. I assume that it's the HDMI port that's the problem but was just wondering if my assumption was right, and if it was how much it would be to get repaired? Thanks in advance
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